Unbelievable service! Was unable to turn on the AC for quite a few days. Thought of calling their professionals and I feel extremely glad for considering them in the first place. They did amazing repair work, it’s been 2 years and the AC is still working fine.

Shaquille Bilal

You guys are absolutely praise-worthy! Thanks for repairing both the refrigerator and microwave within a day. Their technicians are quite knowledgeable and well-behaved. Going to definitely hire them again if any of the appliances become defective.

Haider Riaz

Was thinking of buying a new ice maker, but then one of my colleagues told me about Appliance Repairs and More. And, I am literally surprised with their repairing skill and accuracy. Going to recommend them to everyone who needs an immediate appliance repair.

Nafia Alli

The professionals came to my house and first cleaned the AC properly and then removed the defective AC unit. They followed a step-by-step procedure and explained to us about the problem and how they are going to fix it. Pretty impressive !”

Hamzah Din

I am amazed by their communication skill and the service price was quite reasonable on the basis of the quality of service they provided.

Salam Baten

Booked their experts for repairing the microwave and I must say that they are the best repair service company I have ever encountered. Even they picked up my call within a second and answered all my queries patiently. Can’t thank them more!

Mahmud Ayub
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