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Professional repairs are a must for ensuring long-lasting solutions to your TV problems. After all, the issues you are facing might be much more complicated than it seems. You must take your TV for a repair immediately if basic troubleshooting steps do not work. A timely repair can help you prevent the need to replace your TV.

  • LED TV Repair
  • LCD TV Repair
  • OLED TV Repair

At Appliance Repairs and More, we provide all of your TV repair requirements within a short time. Contact us if you are looking for efficient TV technicians near you. 

Common TV Problems You Can Fix with Our Services

The latest TV sets are quite complex, and you would need competent professional assistance fixing them. You might need our technicians to fix the following common issues with your TV:

Not Turning On

Check the input source you are using and your cable box before contacting us. We can diagnose this issue quickly and provide you with an appropriate solution. You can also get hardware replacements from us to fix this issue if required. 

Audio not Synced with Video

The unsynced audio and video might have something to do with the settings you are using. If that is not the case, you must call us for an inspection. If required, we can replace the speakers to fix this issue on your TV. 

Pixelated Images

You might have to contact your cable provider if you face this issue. If that does not help you, you can always rely on us for an effective solution. We can repair any internal issues with your TV that might be causing this problem.

Echoing Sounds

Connecting to an external speaker might fix this issue on your TV for now. Call our experts for a quick inspection if you want a long-term solution. We can offer you highly effective repairs for all audio issues with your TV. 

No Video and Audio

Restarting your TV might help you fix the sound and video problem. If that does not work, you might need to repair or replace an internal component. Our technicians near you can ensure an appropriate solution to the problem in either case. 

Cannot Connect to the Internet

There might be a problem with the router network if your smart TV cannot connect. Does it fail to connect with any of the available networks? We will inspect the device for software or hardware issues and fix them efficiently. 

Lines on the Screen

Remove all devices or gadgets you might have placed near the TV. We can provide you with an efficient solution if the problem persists after that. You can get a quality screen replacement from us to fix this issue. 

Dark and Dull Images

Disabling the auto-brightness option or increasing the brightness might resolve this issue. Your Smart TV probably has a display problem if that does not work. You can call us for an urgent inspection and repair in such situations. 

TV Repair Services We Provide

We offer you all the repairs and replacements you might need for fixing the aforementioned TV issues. You can hire our TV technicians near you for the following services, among others:

LED TV Repair

LED TVs offer you a significantly better display than other types but are also more complex. Are you unable to find a solution for your LED TV issues? Simply reach out to us if you need an urgent solution. Our TV repairs are available for all popular LED TV models from prominent brands. 

LCD TV Repair

Replacing or repairing your LCD TV’s components can be quite costly, as you might know. However, you do not always have to spend so much money for an effective repair. We can offer you a reasonably-priced LCD TV repair as a part of our services. Our technical team is experienced in dealing with all the common LCD TV problems. We can also provide you with quality replacement parts for LCD television sets. 

OLED TV Repair

You can also contact us to fix the common problems with your OLED TV. Our technicians can also deal with various complex issues with the device. We can help you avoid the need for a new TV if you reach out to us on time. Our team can fix OLED TVs as efficiently as they can fix other types. 

Brands that We Repair

We can provide repair service for TV models from all the popular manufacturers. You can also get quality replacement parts from us for all of them. Our TV repairs are available for the following brands:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony 
  • Sansui
  • Videocon
  • Hisense
  • TCL
  • Xiaomi

We can also repair TVs from many other brands apart from the aforementioned ones.

How do Our TV Repair Services Work?

With us, you can hire highly professional TV technicians near you in a few simple steps. Here is how we proceed with our TV repair services:

  • You must call us or visit us and go through a booking procedure. 
  • Our technicians can visit you to inspect and repair your TV. 
  • We might sometimes need to proceed with the repair at our repair center. 
  • Our technicians will replace any faulty components in your TV.
  • You can pay us using any payment method that you prefer.

Why Choose Us?

You have quite a lot to benefit from our TV repair services. Here’s why you might want to choose us:

  • Our TV technicians are certified and considerably experienced. 
  • You can access our services very easily.
  • We offer you a quick response to your TV repair requests. 
  • Our services can ensure your complete satisfaction. 
  • We offer you top-notch TV repairs at great prices. 

Hire TV Technicians Near You

Is your TV causing a lot of trouble? Call us to book a professional inspection and repair without further delay.  The quicker you approach us, the better the results we might be able to provide. So, grab exciting offers only with our service. 

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