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When there is some kind of technical issue with your TV, you must not delay. Otherwise, it may grow into a critical problem. All you need to do is reach out to us through the phone and make a booking. Our expert would set out to your location as soon as you want, without wasting any time. 

We will have your TV thoroughly inspected and every single problem diagnosed, no matter big or small. After all, why not go all out and fix them at once? Our TV Repair Dubai technicians will make that happen as soon as possible, depending on the problems.

  • LED TV
  • LCD TV
  • Plasma TV

With technical advancements in other fields, television couldn’t have been left behind. After all, it still occupies an important place in people’s lives that it always used to. We have reached the time of smart TVs. Now with lots of great new features, they have become more complex than ever before. However, they are still not free from technical problems, just like other electrical appliances. 

Thus, it would be best to let the professionals fix these issues. Therefore, the demands for reliable and efficient TV repair Dubai services are on the rise. We, at Appliance Repairs and More, bring to you our range of high-quality TV repair services in Dubai.

Common Technical Problems Our Repair Specialist can Fix

Depending on which brand or model of your TV, you’re using, different issues might show up. However, you’ll find many of them to be quite common among all TVs. We, at Appliance Repairs and More, have considerable experience in dealing with all of them, so you can rely on us. Here are some of them that we can provide solutions for:

  • Phantom colours
  • Problem with the connector
  • Issues with the backlight system
  • Not connecting to the internet
  • No visuals on the screen.
  • Dead or stuck pixels
  • Cracks on the screen
  • Damage on any component
  • Parts need to be replaced

You can also contact us for the TV Repair Dubai service if you face any other issues apart from these. We also help you with certified parts replacement, at an affordable price.

Types of TVs that we Repair

Even though they have the same functions, TVs can be quite different from each other technically. So, when we talk about TV Repair Dubai, we are talking about different types. And, here are the ones that we provide our premium services:

LED TV Repair

If you’re looking for energy-efficient appliances, this one is the best choice for you among all the types. Moreover, they have great display quality and can give you the viewing experience you’re looking for. After noting how complex they are, you must contact us, if an issue arises, rather than trying something yourself. 

LCD TV repair

If you own this type of TV, you know it costs a little lower than LED ones. However, they cost comparably higher to repair, from what it seems. With us, you don’t need to worry about that. Our certified team will provide you with optimal repair at a very reasonable and affordable price. 

OLED TV repair

Do you want a movie theatre-like experience with all the lights out? Then, this type would be perfect for you. They have some great quality displays and are as technically complex as the other types. So, whenever any problem shows up, you must contact us, the professionals. Moreover, you can rely completely on our technicians to solve the problems on your OLED TV. It would cost significantly less than buying a new one, which is quite expensive.

Why you must choose our services?

For getting your TV repaired, there are many options that you have in Dubai. A lot of professional services are there to provide you with solutions. You would want the best repair for your TV, and rightfully so. Therefore, you must look for reliability. You would want the service to be completely worth the expense. Most importantly, you wouldn’t want to face another problem for a long time. 

With us, Appliance Repairs and More, you gain that assurance. We have a dedicated team of certified technicians and experts. They are highly professional and know their field of work very well. Therefore, they are as reliable as they come. You will have complete peace of mind if you join them and seek assistance for repairing your TV.

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This applies in case of all problems as our team deals with them regularly. Their experience is what gives them their efficiency. The experts we have as our team can diagnose all the problems on your TV within record time. Thanks to them, we have been able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. 

All the services that we provide are easy to book. We keep the procedure as simple as possible for your convenience. Moreover, we are quite upfront about our services and give prior importance to customer satisfaction.

Brands that We Repair

When it comes to TVs, there are quite a few prominent brands that are more popular than others. Now, they would surely require a high-quality repair when any technical issues appear. That is where we can help you out. We deal with TVs of pretty much all the popular brands in Dubai while providing our services. So, you can rely on us to repair all of them. This includes TVs made by LG, Philips, Evvoli, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Nikai among others. 

Television Repair Service

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