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Our expert team, at Appliance Repairs and More, is always ready to act on your instructions within the shortest notice. All you have to do is reach us. You can do that with a simple phone call or book online service. You’re required to go through a straightforward booking process. Meanwhile, our expert would be preparing to set out for your location. Being highly professional, they’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the appliance within a record time. After that, you can relax while our technicians efficiently handle the repairing. Your refrigerator will be back in perfect working condition without any downtime. 

  • Top-Freezer Refrigerator
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator
  • French door Refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerator
  • Mini Fridge

Electrical appliances are getting more and more advanced over time. They are drastically changing our lives for the better. Another way to look at it would be — they’re becoming more complex. The kind of technology being used in them is such that an average user would not have deep knowledge of them. 

You would probably only know how to operate them. Now, imagine if something goes wrong with them. You might sometimes be able to fix it by yourself, but it might mostly be best left up to professionals. If you’re looking for a reliable refrigerator repair service, you don’t have to look further. With a simple phone call at Appliance Repairs and More, you can get our competent repair team to provide a quick and efficient solution. Further, you can avail our services from anywhere in Dubai. 

What are the Perks of choosing us?

As you probably know, your refrigerator consists of a multitude of parts. That implies it can face an equally large number of problems. With us, you can be assured of a long-lasting solution to all of them. Here are the common issues for which we can provide you with the best repair service:

  • Water leaks
  • Inadequate or excessive cooling
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • The water supply line is blocked
  • Faulty water inlet valve
  • The defrost drain is clogged
  • Issues with the condenser and evaporator fans
  • Door not closing properly
  • Parts need to be replaced

Apart from home, refrigerators are heavily used for commercial purposes as well. Be it any type, and we can provide a reliable and impeccable refrigerator repair Dubai service in every circumstance. 

How to know when your refrigerator needs professional repair?

When your refrigerator faces some issue, you might not be able to detect it unless it becomes big enough. So, you need to find them in their early stages. That way, it’ll take less time and also fewer expenses. However, you might not be aware of the fact when you require a professional repair. So, to help you, here are some indications that you should look out for:

Your food is not staying fresh for long enough

You probably wouldn’t ignore such a clear sign as this one. It means that your refrigerator isn’t cooling enough. It could be due to some issues with the thermostat. In that case, you must call us as you probably won’t be able to fix it by yourself. 

Everything is frozen inside

This is another sign that implies a malfunctioning thermostat. In this case, you must call an expert to inspect the refrigerator. After all, you can’t bear with this problem for long. 

You see water leaking from the appliance

Look out for water lying on the floor near the refrigerator. This is a sign of the water outlets being clogged. This can affect the health of your flooring if you let it stay for long enough. 

You’re not getting any water from the dispenser

You might have one of those models that come with a dispenser. Sometimes, it may stop working. Now, the only cause behind this could be a problem with the water inlet valve. In that case, you have to go for a repair. 

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Refrigerator Repair Dubai

You’re getting higher electricity bills

When there’s a problem with your refrigerator, it might get overworked. As a result, it can increase the electricity bills you receive. If you see this sign and can’t find any other explanation, do have your refrigerator inspected, as with time, it can lead to some critical damage. 

Making too much noise

Our refrigerator isn’t supposed to be silent like an HVAC. However, you should be able to hear it only when you’re standing close. If you can hear it clearly from a distance, it’s a sign of a problem with the fans. If you let this be, it will grow into a much bigger one.

Why must you choose our refrigerator repair service?

For a crucial appliance such as a fridge, you’d want a reliable and competent repairing service. Especially in a place like Dubai, you won’t be able to do without a properly working refrigerator for long. Being a leading appliance repair service in the city, we have dealt with a multitude of issues. 

We are well-acquainted with the common problems that refrigerators face. Additionally, our team, Appliance Repairs and More, consists of certified technicians and experts. All of them are highly professional, as well as follows strict ethical norms. They have a deep understanding that’s required to fix faulty appliances efficiently. 

Adding to the considerable experience they’ve gained over the years, they are your best bet. You gain a truly unbeatable refrigerator repair Dubai service. Moreover, we give a top priority to customer satisfaction, and our team works in a reliable way to achieve it. With us, you can be assured of exactly the kind of repair you’re looking for and more.

Brands that We Repair

Being one of the leading refrigerator repair services in Dubai, Appliance Repairs and More, we have dealt with many brands and models. At this point, you can just contact us for your problems without being concerned about the brand. We assure you that we’ll diagnose the problem and accomplish the repairing task within a largely unmatchable time. We can provide highly professional repair for common refrigerator brands in Dubai such as Samsung, LG, Midea, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Kenmore Elite, Haier, and more. 

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