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If your fridge stops working, try to look for the reason, then you might find many problems in your fridge.  You might be able to fix some of them by yourself. However, you need to hire professionals, from Appliance Repairs and More, by searching Fridge Repair Dubai, to fix most of them, only then will you be able to find an effective solution. 

  • Top-Freezer Refrigerator
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator
  • French door Refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerator
  • Mini Fridge

Owing to the humid climate that you find in Dubai, a refrigerator is a very important appliance in your home. After all, it saves your food from getting spoiled and hence from being wasted. Apart from that, you also need it to store some cold water or beverages and more, isn’t it? 

So, if you think about it, it would be quite a hassle to get through your daily life without a refrigerator. That’s why you need to maintain them properly. After all, being an appliance, a refrigerator may face issues just like every other electrical appliance. We, at Appliance Repairs and More, offer you a professional and affordable refrigerator repair Dubai.

Fridge Repair Services that our Experts provide - Appliance Repairs and More

There is a wide range of problems that your refrigerator may face while functioning, and some of them may be more critical than others. Therefore, you would need a solution urgently. 

Whatever be the case, our professional team will provide you with long-lasting solutions to any type of problems your refrigerator faces. Here are some of the issues that our technicians are experts in repairing:

  • Refrigerator not cooling properly
  • Water leaking out from inside
  • Making unusual sounds while working
  • Unable to make ice
  • The refrigerator door won’t close fully
  • Interior light needs replacement
  • Not dispensing water
  • Unable to defrost
  • All the stored items get frozen
  • Defect in the condenser fan
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Cooling cycles are too frequent

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also contact us for other big or small refrigerator repair Dubai.

How to know that you need a professional repair?

If your refrigerator stops working, try to look for the reason, then you might find many problems in your refrigerator. You might be able to fix some of them by yourself. However, you need to hire professionals, from Appliance Repairs and More, to fix most of them, only then will you be able to find an effective solution. 

Here are some of the cases in which professional fridge repair Dubai would be best for you:

The food gets spoiled in a shorter time than usual

Depending on the brand and model, a fridge is supposed to keep your food fresh for a fairly long time. In case, you see it getting spoiled quickly, it is a problem that needs fixing. Moreover, only a professional fridge repair Dubai service would be right for that purpose. 

You’ve been getting higher bills

Has your electricity bills been showing a higher amount than usual? Then, you must check different appliances and make sure nothing is wrong with them. Your fridge is supposed to have gaps between cooling cycles. In case it runs constantly, that’s probably why you’re paying higher bills. If you get a reliable refrigerator repair Dubai service, they’ll provide you with an effective solution. Thus, you’ll surely be able to notice the difference it brings. 

Water droplets on the exterior body

If you see this sign, you might not think of it as a problem. However, it is yet another sign that the fridge needs repair. Now, this can be caused by different reasons — the hot climate and humidity, keeping the door open for too long, the door is not closing properly. You might even need to replace the faulty parts, such as the thermostat. 

Fridge Repair Dubai

Overheated motor

This may be hard to notice as the motor lies at the backside. However, if you check and find this problem, you need to call professional technicians as soon as possible. This indicates that the fridge is overworked. 

There are other signs as well, but you might easily detect them. However, the ones mentioned above are comparably less obvious. So you need to look out for them.

What Appliance Repairs and More offers you?

There are many repair services in Dubai that you’ll find for your fridge. Understandably, you would wonder why you should choose us over others. The answer to that lies in what we offer to you.


Our technicians have dealt with pretty much all types of repairing requirements. At this point, the service they provide would be completely reliable. You can simply give us any instructions you have for us and be free of any worries. Getting the fridge repair Dubai service from us would also mean you won’t be facing further problems for a long time. 

Fast and efficient service

You probably have a tight schedule and would want quick service. We can provide you with one of the fastest repairs that you can find. Moreover, we don’t compromise quality for speed. 

Highly professional workforce

The people who work to repair the fridge are a crucial part of the kind of service we offer. Appliance Repairs and More only have well-qualified and experienced professionals in our team. They have thorough knowledge about their field of work, which is why they are so reliable and efficient.

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Easy booking and hassle-free procedure

When it comes to efficiency, there might be a lot of other options for you. However, that is not all you’re looking for. Apart from that, you would also like to find a service that’s easy to access. The one that would give you complete peace of mind. With us, you can get all your requests answered. 

Customer satisfaction is our highest goal

Being a professional repairing service, we give utmost importance to your feedback. In case you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, you can let us know without hesitation. We are always eager to meet our customers’ expectations. 

Brands we offer our services for

Just like in the case of other appliances, there are many brands when it comes to refrigerators, some of them are particularly popular in Dubai. With us, you can get refrigerator repair Dubai services for all of them. The list includes LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Midea, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Haier, among others.

Want to know if our exclusive Fridge Repair Dubai service is available in your region? Simply, contact our customer support executives to get a clear insight into the availability of the service. 

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