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Washing machine malfunctions can cause a lot of inconveniences, and you might want an immediate solution. You need not necessarily approach the service center in such cases as other viable options exist. We might be able to provide you with a comparably faster washing machine repair service. 

Appliance Repairs and More can assist you with all types of washing machine issues. Our technical team is also capable of repairing washing machines from any brand. 

You can hire our Bosch washing machine repair services for all popular models regardless of the type:

  • Bosch front loading washing machine repair
  • Bosch top loading washing machine repair
  • Bosch washer dryer repair

Common Bosch Washing Machine Problems You Might Face

Bosch washing machines are vulnerable to all the problems that other washing machines face. You might need our assistance to fix the following issues:

Water Leaks

Do you see puddles of water near your washing machine? Then, it might have something to do with a damaged or loose component. Sometimes, it might indicate overflowing inside the machine, and you must try reducing the load. You should contact us for a quick inspection and repair if nothing else works.

Drum not Spinning

You might have to reduce or rearrange the load to fix this problem. If that does not fix the issue, you might need to replace the door latch or interlock. Our technical team can help you with that urgently if required. 

Power Issues

Make sure you have connected the appliance to power properly if it does not start. You can also try connecting it to a different power source for a solution. We can diagnose the problem accurately and apply an appropriate solution if you contact us. 

Drum not Filling

Check whether the faucet is turned on if water does not fill the drum. You might also want to check the hose for damages or holes. Replace the hose if required and check whether that fixes the problem. Call us to inspect your device if you cannot fix this issue by yourself. 

Working Loudly

Placing your washing machine on uneven ground can make it louder than usual. You must also try balancing the load inside the appliance for a solution. If it keeps working loudly, that might indicate a damaged or worn-out component. We can help you fix or replace any part of your washing machine as required. 

Water Remains in the Drum

The water in the drum should drain away after a washing cycle unless the drainage is clogged. You might need to clean the pump, hose and filters to fix this issue with your washing machine. Our technicians can handle that task efficiently if you want any assistance. 

Unusually Long Cleaning Cycles

It is normal for your washing machine cleaning cycles to last longer depending on the load. However, the latest models can complete their cleaning cycles in a fairly short time. Do you find your washer taking too long to clean? Then, you might need a professional inspection for it. There might be an issue with the control panel or water inlet valve. 

Bosch Washing Machine Services We Provide

We can provide you with all the required services to fix the aforementioned issues. Here are some of the services that you can book with us right now:

General Inspection and Cleaning

You must keep checking for problems with your washing machine regularly. We can provide you with a professional washing machine inspection as a part of our services. 

Our technicians will check all the important components of the appliance for any issues. Then, depending on the problem, we will proceed with an appropriate maintenance service. 

Our general inspections can be helpful in terms of regular servicing of your washing machine. You can hire us anytime to get a professional washing machine cleaning service. 

Motor Replacement

Replacing the motor is always a better solution than repairing it. You might need a motor replacement service immediately if your washer’s drum is not spinning. In such cases, we can provide you with a certified new motor for your washing machine. 

Drum Bearing Replacement

You might need to replace your washer’s drum bearings if it starts working loudly. Oiling the bearings can also fix the issue effectively in some cases. If that does not work, you can always rely on us to get replacement drum bearings. We can provide this service for all the latest Bosch washing machine models. 

Control Panel Repair and Replacement

Our technicians can expertly fix any issues with your washing machine’s control panel. This issue might help you resolve many of the common washing machine problems. If required, you can also hire us to replace the control panel. We can efficiently replace the existing control panel in the appliance with a good-quality one. 

Drum Replacement

We will have to replace your washing machine’s drum if it has broken paddles. You can get replacement drums for all the latest Bosch washing machines from us. They would be very reliable, and you can get them reasonably. After getting this service from us, you might not need another drum replacement anytime soon. 

Why Choose Us?

Appliance Repairs and More is one of Dubai’s leading washing machine repair providers. You must hire our Bosch washing machine repairs for the following reasons:

  • We employ experienced and skilled technicians to fix washing machines.
  • You can get our services through a short booking procedure.
  • We can offer a speedy response to your service requests.
  • Our services are designed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 
  • You can get our highly professional washing machine repairs at great deals. 

Book a Bosch Washing Machine Repair Now

Are you facing issues with your Bosch washing machine? Then, we are just a call away from providing an urgent solution for it. Share instructions you might have for us and state your preferences regarding the service. We will reach your location shortly to proceed with the repair. So, do not wait and get exciting deals with every service.

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