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The importance of HVAC or Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems in our daily life, especially in UAE, is unparalleled. We all want the utmost level of comfort inside our home, and it is bestowed by none other than a perfectly working HVAC. This system is a significant part of our everyday life as it maintains the standard of indoor air and makes it as clean as possible.

It assists to refine the air-flow through the ventilation and also controls the level of moisture. This system is also portrayed as an odour remover and avert the stagnant air. A good HVAC system retains your mellow and cosy feel, in the winter, and at the same time, will you cool and refresh during the hot temperature. Thus, you can experience a healthy living style at your home.

But, what if your HVAC system become non-functional? Then, you will be unable to explore all these benefits that you get from your system. Thus, you are advised to connect with the finest HVAC maintenance service providers or HVAC contractors in Dubai, across UAE. We have emerged as the most reliable and popular HVAC maintenance service provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

With Appliance Repair And More, you get to meet engineers and certified technicians who know how to fix any major-minor glitch related to this system and gain an impeccable HVAC maintenance service experience. You will discover our service budget is friendly, to be your best bet, and we are a premium service provider, across UAE. 

Leading HVAC Maintenance Service Providers in UAE

It can be possible that you are not aware of HVAC maintenance. But, if you own an HVAC system, then the maintenance of this system is highly recommended, on a daily basis. It will provide you with multiple benefits like low electricity bills, prevent unnecessary repair bills, circumvent catastrophes, and so on. 

Most importantly you will be able to keep your family shielded and give them fresh air to breath in, and your HVAC system will be enduring. You should know that we are the leading HVAC companies in UAE. Our HVAC engineers will provide you various facilities like providing best filters, removing wastes from the outer part of the HVAC system, fixing clogging issues, checking the blades of the fan, while performing HVAC maintenance service.

You might face various issues because of the lack of maintenance of your HVAC system. Our HVAC engineers will fix soiled filters, problematic ignition, thermostat break down, issues with mechanical cables, abnormal noise issue, continuously blower running glitch, water leaking issue and so on, with ease. 

Our HVAC technicians are experienced in handling multiple types of HVAC system like Zoned HVAC system, humidity control HVAC System, heat-control HVAC system, cooling HVAC system and so on. Here is a list of some of the HVAC systems that our HVAC technicians have already provide maintenance services, such as:

  • Carrier HVAC system
  • Goodman Central HVAC system
  • Trane Central HVAC system
  • Rheem HVAC system
  • Lennox HVAC units 
  • Ruud Central HVAC Unit and many others

Soiled Filter

It can be possible that you are not able to change the filter of your HVAC system on a regular basis. If you do not change the filter, then the soil will gather on the filter and your filter will become dirty. Airflow will be hampered and your HVAC system will work hard in order to flow air. 

Because of this, your system’s blower will endure the excessive strain and that leads to a comfort glitch. You should know that the furnace might get overheated because of the dirty filter. And, when it reaches its highest level, the system will get turned off automatically. 

We are the leading HVAC companies in Abu Dhabi and our technicians can fix this kind filter issue easily. You do not need to be tensed as they are highly trained to replace the system’s filter and they are available to do this task on a regular basis. 

Problematic Ignition or Pilot 

We often find that problematic ignition is the most common problem of non-working HVAC systems in Dubai. Our HVAC engineers found multiple reasons that lead to this issue and the common reasons are muddy pilot, little cycling, furnace blockades, retard in ignition, etc. 

You will face issues with gas supply because of this glitch. You are requested not to try any DIY hacks as it has certain high voltage circuits, that if broken can lead to a fire breakout. We are the most popular HVAC contractors in Dubai. Our experts can replace ignition components effectively as they know the proper technique and use advanced tools. They will replace these components, with certified and authentic parts.

Issues with Mechanical Cable and Tear

You might not know that your HVAC system depends on multiple mechanical constituents. If your system encounters any mechanical wear and tear, then the performance of the unit might be affected and mostly your system will face a negative impact. 

Some of the most common impacts found by our technicians are over-warming, lack of heating, issues with airflow and many others. We are the most reliable HVAC companies in Dubai and our group of experts are highly trained to fix the mechanical tear and cable issue efficiency. 

They will check whether the stretched belts are working properly or not. If not, then they will replace it and they will provide oils on motors and bearings if needed. They are well-equipped with all the advanced methods to fix every problem easily. 

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Abnormal Noises Come from Furnace?

You might hear unexpected noise from your HVAC system. You should know that this type of noise indicates mechanical failure. Most of the time, our experts found insects inside the motors. Further, you should know that this is the indication that the bearings of the inducer motor might have failed. 

Sometimes, we also found that the blower motor failed and that caused this type of unusual noises. If you do not replace the motor of your system, at the right time, then the furnace might become completely non-functional. Our technicians also found that dirty burners are one of the reasons behind this noise. Further, if your system has airflow problems, then you might hear these sounds. 

You are advised not to ignore them, because you might come across a dangerous accident in the near future. Our experts can fix this type of noise-related issue by replacing the motor of your HVAC system. They have advanced tools and techniques to fix issues regarding the airflow. If they find that a dirty burner is a reason for this noise, then they will clean it and if required replace it, at the earliest.

Tripped Combers and Issues with Fuse 

Our HVAC engineers have noticed that the blower starts to overwork and it happens because of the trip of the furnace, it might break the circuits. Many times, debris might gather and block the airflow of your system, and because of that blower works harder in order to compensate. 

We often find that dirty air filters are the most common reason behind the fuse issue. When the air filter becomes clogged and dirty, the blower will start to perform harder to pass air forcefully via the filter. 

Thus, the consumption of the blower’s energy will be increased and sometimes circuits might be broken. If you ignore this issue, then you might come across a serious problem. We will check if your filter becomes dirty or not and will replace the filter if required. 

If our experts find that the coils have become clogged, then they will clean it with their advanced techniques. Our experts are able to fix leaks in the duct which primarily lead to an issue, without any downtime. 

Faulty Condenser and Dirty Evaporator Coils 

The condenser or the evaporator coils become dirty if you do not maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis. The cooling system will not work properly because of your negligence in the HVAC maintenance process. Most of the time we found that debris and dirt were gathered and got clogged within the coil of your HVAC system. 

The speed and efficiency of the fan will get decreased because of the dirty coil. We will inspect the outdoor coil of your HVAC system and ensure that the condenser is in proper working condition. You should be aware that if an evaporator coil becomes dirty, then it will decrease the efficiency of both the furnace and the HVAC. 

You can not clean a soiled coil by yourself, as it needs professional techniques and products. We can help you to clean or replace these kinds of dirty coils. Our experts, associated with leading HVAC companies in UAE, are able to replace the filters of this system on a regular basis in order to maintain the cleanliness of the indoor evaporator coils. 

Fixing Constantly Blower Run Issue

You might observe that the blower of the furnace runs constantly. Actually, we have found various reasons that cause continuously blower running issues. Mostly, we found that the fan is unable to turn on the thermostat. If the thermostat is placed to the fan’s position, then the motor will start to run constantly. When you switch on the fan’s power button, you might come across with this issue. 

Actually, you should be aware that there are multiple limits and precautions should be maintained on the furnace. If you activate it, then the circuit board will reduce the temperature. You are advised to reset the limit to avoid shutting off the blower. 

You are asked not to perform this task all by yourself, as this is work-intensive care and only skilled and experienced technicians like us are able to solve it. Our professionals associated with HVAC companies in UAE, will repair it with their advanced techniques and reset the limit of the blower, if needed, to solve this glitch. 

Consider Water Leaking Issue 

Generally, void pipes can lead to a condition called water damage. Most of the time, our professionals found that drain lines have gathered debris and because of that it becomes clogged. 

Sometimes, our experts, part of one of the best HVAC companies in UAE, also found that drain lines become cracked and that leads to water leakage issues. Collector box might be the source, and you should not forget about the evaporator drain pan and heat exchanger, as these also cause dreadful issues. 


We will first identify the source of the water leak and then provide you with possible options to fix the water leaking problem. Our technicians are able to clean this kind of clogged drain lines by utilising bleach. Even they are completely familiar with repairing these cracked drain lines. So, overall you gain a complete understanding of how you should maintain the HVAC.


Reasons to Choose Best HVAC Maintenance Service Providers in UAE

Most of the buildings in Dubai are newly constructed, and so, eco-friendly HVAC systems are high in demand here. You might be familiar with Appliance Repairs Near And More, as we are the most trusted and popular HVAC maintenance service providers in UAE. The tremendous effort and professionalism of our experts are the only reason that has helped us to reach this pinnacle. 

We are the leading HVAC contractors in Dubai and undertake projects of various types, like warehouses, schools, laboratories, restaurants, residential complexes, commercial buildings and many others. We distribute most of the GI and PI ducting and also fire rated ducting. Our experts are best in providing anti-vibration explanations and are able to recover heat wheels. 

Our HVAC engineers have gathered massive knowledge in this field because they are providing maintenance service over a decade in UAE. Actually, our engineers have played the most important role in calculating basic heat load and designing and implementing HVAC systems. 

Our experts are highly qualified and trained. We can assure you that they will provide authentic spare parts while replacing any component of your HVAC system. Your satisfaction is the most important aspect for us and thus we never compromise with our service. This is what makes us a renowned name, as one of the best HVAC companies in UAE.

Join with the Leading HVAC Maintenance Service Providers in UAE

If you are searching for HVAC maintenance service providers, then make sure to contact us as our experts are capable of fixing major-minor glitches effectively. We provide easy-to-book facilities and will ensure that your transaction is completely secured. We are a door-step service provider. If you want to get immediate service, then don’t forget to call at as our customer executive team will revert back with positive answers. With us, you get the assurance to save more than a 1000 AEDs.

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