Check & Fix Screen Burn-In on Your TV in 7 Quick Ways

Screen burn-in is a discoloration that happens due to the imbalanced pixel usage on the OLED screen. This issue depends on a few factors, such as contrast and brightness settings and screen size. However, it takes several hours before any notice any discoloration. 

Screen burn-in happens when you leave your TV on a particular channel, with a stationary image, like the news feed or a logo. Sometimes, if you pause the screen and forget to come back, then also screen burn-in occurs. 

Also, if you play a video game with a constant image, for example, a heads-up display or scoreboard, this can lead to screen burn-in.

Check Image Retention or Screen Burn-In

In case, you notice faded spots on the TV screen, it means the TV screen is burn-in. This is a hardware problem that indicates that your TV is still in working condition and you just need to replace the damaged hardware part.

In case you encounter a faded ‘ghost image’ on the OLED screen, you have probably experienced the screen burn-in. Fortunately, you can easily fix the problem on your own.

Fix Screen Burn-In Issue with Easy Hacks

Here, we are going to discuss some easy and effective techniques that you can try to get rid of the problem. Check them out.

  1. Fix Automatically

Noticing a screen burn-in image is not an alarming situation. It can be image retention and most of the time, after a few hours the problem can get fixed automatically. What you have to do is change the OLED screen after some time or turn off the screen for a few moments. 

  1. Reset your TV

If the above solution does not work for you, then you are advised to check your TV setting and verify whether there is a ‘refresh’ function available or not. If yes, press the Refresh button. It will force all the OLED lights to reset automatically and also clear all the persistent images. 

  1. Make the Screen Brightness Lower

To apply this remedy, move to the display setting of your TV or phone and ensure that the brightness isn’t set to max. Sometimes, by default, the brightness level is set to the maximum level. Therefore, you have to minimize the brightness level. You should keep the brightness level below 50 %. After that, check whether the error has been troubleshot or not.

  1. Use the Timeout Settings

Most of the android phones have screen timeout settings. This is designed to save battery life. However, it is also useful to prevent screen burn-in. So, if the screen burn-in problem arises, you need to ensure that the screen timeout setting is turned On for your TV. Check if the timeout is set to 30 seconds or less than that.

  1. Use the Sleep Timer

In case, you like the soft blue glow of the TV or like to fall asleep to the sounds, ensure that you are using the sleep timer. Else, ‘ Are you still watching?’ messages will appear on the screen and can damage your display.

  1. Frequently Change the Screen

You should avoid leaving your Television continuously on the same channel. Especially, in case there is a static image for example news feed or logo on the OLED screen. 

So, what you have to do? Use the commercial breaks in order to flip through the channels. This gives the pixels a break. On the other hand, if you are playing video games and if the video game has a stationary image, you should turn off the OLED screen. Or, you can change to a different display and input. This will prevent your TV screen from burn-in.

  1. Run a Pixel Refresher

OLED TV manufactures have a pixel refresher that you can run if you encounter a screen burn-in issue on your TV screen. You have to keep patience as the pixel refresher might take up a couple of hours to fully refresh the picture. Once the procedure is completed, your TV screen should be back to normal. 

What’s Next?

Also, you should try several screen burn-in apps that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. These apps test your TV for screen burn-in. Further, they help to run a pixel refresher. They even help to adjust the display settings so that there are fewer possibilities for the occurrence of the screen burn-in. Contact TV Repair Expert for an easy hassle-free solution.

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