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Better Go with Replacement than Repair these 7 Appliances

Every home appliance comes with definite life expectancy, and mostly, it can’t serve you more than that a fixed period. So, whenever you encounter any appliance faults next time, you should consider whether it deserves a repair. 

Sometimes, a complicated issue might cost more than or almost the same as the cost of a brand new appliance. Before you waste your money for antique televisions, refrigerators or something else, just halt and calculate the repair cost it is going to take.

In case, you are using it for a long period of time then it’s a wiser decision to replace them. Because most of those appliances’ parts might not be used any more. Otherwise, finding the same components and on top of that, the service charges can go out of your budget. So, here is the list of appliances that you can replace without thinking twice.

  • Dryer

If you have been using the dryer for more or less twelve years and it is now exhaling smoke then you should replace it. However, dryers can last up to thirteen years or so. And, as technology dynamically changes, for every appliance around us, it’s harder to find compatible spare parts for the dryer. Most probably, the coils inside the dryer have been damaged. Therefore, you can avail cost-effective dryers by eliminating that faulty one.

  • Refrigerator

When it comes to minor issues of refrigerators like frosting or the light bulb not working or not evenly cooling, then you will definitely hire a fixer. Such simple issues don’t create a mess for heavy-duty refrigerators. But, when the refrigerator has run for straight ten or more years and the issue is with the compressor, then you shouldn’t go for repair. Because a new compressor will cost almost the same as the new fridge. Hence, you can purchase a new refrigerator instead of opting for refrigerator repair service.

  • Televisions

With the high-rise demand for televisions, the cost of televisions has dropped drastically. Whether it’s a smart TV or the former LED, LCD ones, they have become more affordable. And, when the television runs out of warranty it might cost a lump sum of money to repair any part. Moreover, people tend to upgrade televisions within 5 to 7 years, nowadays. Because modern televisions come with enhanced picture and audio quality, along with the latest facilities. Hence, you can replace or exchange your old televisions if they encounter severe problems.

  • Water Heaters

Water heaters might fail to supply hot water due to malfunction in coil, sedimentation of minerals, etc. So, most people think that repair would be the only option for such water heater issues. But, older water heaters might have lost the capability of heating up the water. And, replacing that erroneous part can cost you the price similar to a new water heater. More importantly, water heaters are meant for functioning for up to ten years. If you have exceeded that, then you should consider upgrading the water heater with a new one.

  • Dishwasher

Now, for this appliance, the opinion tends to vary from one person to another. Generally, dishwashers are expensive to purchase. According to different surveys, it costs one-third of the actual price of the initial investment, if you think to repair dishwashers. However, if the dishwasher has lasted for more than 8 or 9 years, then you can replace the appliance. Otherwise, you can keep it and avail repair service to fix the problem. 

  • Microwave

This electrical home appliance is another cost-effective choice. When your existing microwave is out of the warranty period, then it requires a handful of bucks to repair it. You can avail repair services. However, if you have been stuck with the same microwave for nine to ten years, then trust us, it’s time to replace the appliance. Moreover, if it exerts any issues, avail pocket-friendly deals on microwaves from globally-renowned microwave manufacturers.

  • Gaming Consoles

Are you a game freak? Then, you must have the PlayStation version or Xbox One consoles. However, when you consider repairing such gaming consoles under authorized dealers then you have to add up the shipping charge as well as repairing charge. If you calculate all the cost then you might realize that it’s worthy to purchase a new gaming console instead of repair. After all, you will avail modern features within that brand new gaming console.

It’s Your Choice…

Well, if you can handle the appliances with proper care and follow the manufacturer’s instructions then the appliances will last for years to come. Otherwise, you have to opt for repair services more frequently. As compared to regular maintenance and repair, it’s good to replace the appliances. However, you have to make the final decision according to your budget and affection towards the appliance.

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