5 DIY Fixes for Dryer Heating Problems


As the name suggests, dryers are actually designed for drying wet clothes. It is not always possible to place the wet clothes on your roof and sundry them. But, what if you have a huge amount of washed clothes to dry. Using a dryer machine will help you to dry those clothes within a short span of time. 

What if the machine stops radiating heat all of a sudden? What will you do? Don’t panic. You can take the help of the heater expert, as they can resolve the problem with no downtime. But, before you seek a professional expert, you must not forget to try certain DIY hacks. Along with that, you must also get to know about the factors that can lead to a dryer not heating

What are the most probable reasons? 

Well, technically there might be a number of reasons that interrupts the heater from emitting heat. The list includes- barriers in the air ventilation, irregular gas supply, dryer overloaded, water dripping from wet clothes and others. Knowing the reasons will help you to detect the problem. 

Let’s Try the DIYs 

Eliminating all the issues that you have detected will help you to make the dryer in the perfect working condition. As the device runs with the help of electricity and gas, make sure you handle the vulnerable parts carefully. Else, you can meet an accident or can damage the machine permanently.

  • Clear out all the blockage  

Certain blockages in the hot air vent can resist in surpassing the air touching the wet cloths. On the other hand, clogged vents also refuse to blow out the air. In such cases, move to the air vent that might be located outside the machine. If any outer covering is available, open it and try to determine the clogged area. After that, turn off the machine and clean the clogged area. When the work is done, turn on the machine and see if everything is working properly or not. 

  • Sufficient gas and electric supply

Without the help of electricity and gas, the dryer is just nothing. At the first glance, you have to observe the voltage lines. In the operational case, note it down. If the single line issue occurs within the gas pipes, then it is obvious that you can call the experts to resolve the problem. 

  • Dry out the clothes fully 

In some cases, if you notice carefully, you will see that the cloth gets warm, but doesn’t get dry completely. This happens when the main heating element in the dryer is facing problems. There might be a spin wheel that runs at an incredible speed to create hot air. If this doesn’t happen, then the only way to fix it is to change the spin wheel. Just turn off the dryer and remove the panel situated at the backside. Open the wheel and replace it, with the new one. 

  • Let the heating drum spin

Whenever the heat from the dryer is not emitting, the heating drum might be stuck due to any critical reasons. On the other hand, the belt that helps the drum to spin might be torn. So, as usual, you need to open the backside of the dryer panel and observe the situation. Regarding the defective belt, change it at the earliest, to keep the machine running. 

  • Turn on the dryer properly 

Suppose, you have washed all your clothes. Now, you want to dry it with the help of the dryer, but when you switch it on, it’s not functioning properly. That is why there are some common activities that you must perform to resolve it. First, check whether the main power cord is connected to the electrical socket or not. 

If the dryer is still not functioning, then there might be some issues with the socket. Then, an electrician will help you. After that, you can check the control settings and check whether everything is in order. Maintaining the correct settings will definitely help you in using the dryer in the correct procedure. 


The dryer is a piece of electrical equipment and you need to use it carefully and delicately.  Always avoid such types of situations where the machine can get damaged, or face a critical situation. Let’s take for an example, the voltage stability. When this happens, the main parts of the dryer don’t get a sufficient amount of electrical energy. If you are not sure about the repair or replacement procedure, then it is better to call the experts. 

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