12 Indication that You Need a New Dishwasher

Amid our busy schedule, the dishwasher can help to save a lot of time as well as make the cleaning procedure simple. Moreover, it’s difficult to imagine what life would be without dishwashers.

However, being a simple kitchen appliance, dishwashers will ultimately start to show signs that it needs to be replaced. Now, the bonus point is that these problems can be fixed with simple DIY techniques. However, some signs indicate that it’s the time you should buy a new dishwasher and replace the old one.

Now, are you having a hard time deciding whether to buy a new dishwasher or not, then here we have highlighted some of the common signs that indicate your dishwasher will be of no use, any more.

Detect when you should buy a new Dishwasher

According to a survey made in 2017, most of the people of Dubai depend on dishwashers for washing the dishes. Now, if it fails to work, you might imagine how annoying the situation will be. Hence, after consulting with the kitchen appliance experts, here we have mentioned the top 12 signs that will surely make you aware of whether you should purchase a new dishwasher.

  • Age of the Dishwasher

This is the most important indication that you need to consider while replacing the dishwasher. In case you have been using the same dishwasher for more than 10 years, then it’s time to upgrade it. Especially, when you have a lower-end model.

Also, upgrading a new dishwasher surely saves you money as it will reduce the water and electric bills. However, it also depends on the maintenance of your dishwasher. If you don’t clean the dishwasher regularly, then you might have to replace it after 7 or 8 years.

  • Dishwasher Starting to Rust

Though a few rust spaces don’t mean that you need an immediate dishwasher replacement. In case, you notice rust inside the dishwasher, then it’s probably time for you to switch to a new dishwasher.

Rust is the most common sign of water leak. Rust not only breaks down certain areas but also exposes the underlying metal. In these circumstances, you must change the dishwasher.

  • Water Remains after Washing

After you are done with washing, you will never see standing water. It is quite natural to find water inside the dishwasher. However, sometimes you will see a small amount of water inside the mug or bowl, and also the plastic dishes might be wet. This is pretty obvious.

But, if you notice a pool of water, then that is an indication that something is wrong. Water at the bottom of the dishwasher indicates a clogged drain. Many times, this matter can be solved easily. Unfortunately, if not, you might have to call a plumber or replace the dishwasher.

  • A Broken Latch

If you have a broken latch or lock, you should purchase a new dishwasher. This is essential as, in case the door is not latched securely, the dishwasher will be unable to run a wash cycle. However, depending on the model number and brand, it can be an inexpensive task.

  • Dishes are Cold

No matter whether you use the drying option or just want a quick wash cycle, after the completion of the cycle, the dishes must be hot to touch. In case, you encounter that the dishes are not feeling hot, it means the dishes are not as clean as you want.

The water temperature of the dishwasher lies between 45 to 75-degree centigrade. Otherwise, your dishwasher is unable to kill the germs. So, if you notice that after a wash cycle the dishes are cold, then it’s time to spend some money and buy a new dishwasher. Because you cannot compromise with your family’s health.

  • Dishwasher Starting to Crack

Recently have you witnessed water damage? The reason is a broken dishwasher. Basically, if the interior tub of the dishwasher cracks, then you are strongly advised to replace the dishwasher. As you are unable to perform a wash cycle through a broken dishwasher.

  • Water Leaking on the Floor

When your dishwasher leaks water all over the floor, it’s another sign that indicates you have to purchase a new dishwasher. You shouldn’t think from where the water is leaking, if you notice that the water is leaking, immediately replace your dishwasher.

Also, if you encounter water around the dishwasher, immediately call out a plumber to fix the problem. Most of the time you can fix the issue. However, sometimes you might have to replace the whole dishwasher.

  • Dishes are Dirty

After a wash cycle, you might end up with cloudy, or even dirty dishes. Check if there was food, are you using the wrong soap, your water tank receives hard water and have you poorly loaded the dishes.

In these circumstances, at first, you don’t need to buy a new dishwasher and replace it with the old one. First, you must try basic tricks to fix the problem. However, if nothing happens you don’t have any other option other than replacing the dishwasher.

  • Making Unusual Noises

Starting to make unusual noises is one of the most common indications that your dishwasher has completely failed. Remember, these sounds don’t include the daily use but it’s quite unusual. Basically, these happen due to an issue with the motor. Now, if you find that replacing the motor is more expensive then we recommend you to replace the entire dishwasher.

  • Spots on the Glasses

If you see spots on the glasses, then it’s also a sign that your dishwasher is dying. However, if you use hard water, it can also be the reason for this problem. Also, it can be an indication that you have to add more ingredients to the dishwasher. However, if nothing helps you can ask for professional assistance or replace the dishwasher.

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