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10 DIY to Enhance the Durability of Your Appliances

Nowadays, we all depend on appliances for major to minor work, as they add comfort and productivity to our lives. If one of these appliances is unable to perform properly, then nothing can be more annoying. Sometimes, we can hardly think of managing our work without these appliances. 

You might not know but maintaining your appliance helps to improve efficiency, and also save money in the long run. If you look after your appliance properly, then it extends the appliance’s lifespan. As we are so busy with our lives, we neglect these appliances. 

And, when one of our appliances breaks down, then only we start panicking. You need to keep in mind that regular maintenance of your appliance is very important as certain appliance repair is quite costly. So, now what is the way out? You might want to know the tips and tricks to keep your appliance running like new. 

Methodologies to Maintain Appliances

Yes, we all fear what will happen if our washing machine crashes in the middle of a cycle, the oven stops working or the refrigerator does not work properly. You can avoid these kinds of uncanny issues by following this DIY. 

Here, we are not going to discuss those processes that need professionals and a heavy bill. Hence, following these simple maintenance tips will help you to keep your appliance running like new and you don’t have to worry about hefty appliance repair costs.

  • Does the Oven Door have a Tight Seal? 

You might not know, your oven can lose 20 per cent of its heat because of the loose seal of the oven door. So, make sure to check whether the door of your oven has a tight seal or not. Because of a loose oven door, your food will be unevenly cooked, or even it will take a longer period of time to cook. 

You can easily check the seal condition of your oven by opening the oven door, and then find the fibreglass gasket or rubber around the perimeter of the door. If you feel any broken, deformed areas, then make sure to replace the seal. You can even close the door and check whether there are any leaks or not. 

  • Replace the Dirty Range Hood 

If you find any down-draft vent filters or range-hood dirty, then make sure to clean it, or you can even replace it. You can clean dirty range hoods by washing them with soapy water, or use the dishwasher. You need to know that charcoal and paper filters can not be washed and make sure to replace them. 

  • Scrub Stove-top Drip Pans 

You can find drip bowls underneath the burner elements and make sure to remove those bowls. Make sure to soak them for five minutes with the help of a cleaning solution. After spilling, you should remember to clean the drip bowls. Sometimes it can be possible that spills might burn the bowls, then make sure to replace them. 

  • Take Care of Your Refrigerator

You should not overload your refrigerator with the foods. Keep in mind that overloading makes the composer of the refrigerator work more to keep foods fresh. You should have an idea to understand which food item to store and where in your fridge. 

Sometimes it can be possible that dust, pet hair and dirt can block the coils of your refrigerator. Thus, it might not be able to keep cool because of restricting airflow. You can easily clean the coils with the help of a handheld vacuum cleaner. The location of these coils varies from one refrigerator to another, and mostly you can find it behind the kick plate. Sometimes, you can find it at the rear of the refrigerator. 

  • Clear the Filter of the Air Conditioner

If you want your air conditioner to provide long-term service, then make sure to clean the air conditioner filter. Make sure to carry out the cleaning process at least once every two weeks for optimum airflow. Do you have a reusable filter? Then, vacuuming helps you to remove dirt. Your AC can have a disposable one, and then you should take that out and just replace it with a new one. 

  • Clean Your Toaster

You might not know that your toaster has a crumb tray. If you leave it unattended and overflowing, then a fire accident can happen. We will advise you to empty the crumb tray at least once a week. And, if you use it more than once, in a day, then clean it multiple times a week. 

  • Hoses of the Washing Machine 

If you do not check the hoses of your washing machine, then it can leak in your laundry room. Inspecting the hoses of your washing machine will help you to prevent any flood or leakage. You should check if your washing machine has any weak spots, cracks and deformities. We advise you to replace the hoses, at least every four years. Along with that choose appliance repair whenever required.

  • Warm Your Clothes Dryer 

Sometimes, you might think that your dryer might need some extra help when it comes to warming your clothes. You can do so by unclogging the lint filter. After running water over the filter, if it holds water, then start to clean. 

  • Try to Fix Rusty Dish Rack Tines

You might not know that rust on tines of the dishwasher racks can destroy your dishes and even your silverware. If you face this issue, then buy a tine repair kit. Keep in mind that before using it let the dish rack completely dry for at least 24 hours. You can also opt for appliance repair in case of critical damage.

  • Clean the Garbage Disposal Properly

Your garbage disposal should be clean and make sure to deodorize it. Make sure to turn off the disposal, and then check the drain whether there are any large, stuck items or not. You should not use your hands to remove blockages, rather use tongs or another tool. 


If you want to save the appliance repair cost, then make sure to perform all these DIY and keep your appliance running and extend its longevity. Furthermore, you can also refer to professional help from Appliance Repairs and More. With expert guidance, keeping the appliance full functional gets easier.

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